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Different Types of Health and Spa

Spa is a place where you can rejuvenate your body and soul. Spa not only provides services to freshen up your body, mind and soul but also re-energise you. In spa retreats you can have different types of treatments.

You can go for body massage, head massage, yoga, skin care etc. All the activities in a spa are aimed at good health and balance between body, mind and soul. There are different types of massage which you can take in a spa. There are different packages for different treatments. You can go there alone or in couple. Spas provide facilities for all types of clients.

There are different types of spas, some of them are discussed below:

Day spa: this type of spa provides no facilities for over night stay. The main focus in these types of saps is on beauty and relaxation programmes. Here you can go for body treatments such as manicure, pedicure, body massage, hair treatment, etc. The treatments are of short duration and do not take much time.

Destination spa: this type of spas provide accommodation facilities and you can stay there for more than one day. Here you can get total experience of spa. They offer services for stress reduction, relaxation, weight loss, body and mind enrichment, detoxification etc. Along with health services, you may also have meals and accommodation facilities with wet rooms, hydrotherapy tubs, swimming pool, fitness classes, steam baths, etc. These spas are generally expensive than day spas.

Resort and hotel spa: you can enjoy spa treatments in a hotel or resort. There are spa sections located within a hotel or resort. You can enjoy this type of spa while being on a trip as they are easily available. Here you can get spa services administrated by professionals such as fitness classes, health programmes, massage etc.

Medical spa: in this type of spa all the treatments are medical oriented; they provide services for particular health problems. They can be with or without accommodation facilities. Here the treatments are performed by medical professionals. Along with spa treatments, you can also have nutritious meals here.

So, these are the basic types of spa, where you can get shelter to rejuvenate your body and mind to again face a world of activities and busy life.

Home Spas An Introduction

A spa generally refers to a commercial establishment (whether it is a health spa, beauty spa or massage spa) that is visited by guests seeking rejuvenation and relaxation of the body, mind and spirit. The essence of spa rejuvenation and relaxation therapies lies in the use of hydrotherapy combined with special bath oils and bath salts.

A home spa, therefore, refers to such a set-up that facilitates spa experience in the privacy of one’s home. A home spa or, in fact, any hot tub with jets of water emerging from different sides, is also commonly known by the name Jacuzzi, after the brand name and family name of one of the earliest manufactures of home spa systems.

The origin of the concept of a home spa, which has been enjoying tremendous worldwide popularity, actually lies in the humble bathroom shower. A home spa in its simplest form is nothing but a large-sized bathtub (also called hot tub) with innovative features such as hydro-jets, air jets and steam jets added to it. Anyone having a decent bath tub can have an excellent spa experience at home by adding such home spa facilities and equipping oneself with some essential bath oils, bath salts and floral scents.

The discovery of the health benefits of home spa therapies with herbal bath oils and bath salts has led to a tremendous growth in the home spa industry, with the result that home spa manufacturers have come up with many innovative home spa systems that are quite affordable, more portable and much easier to install than the earlier home spa equipment.

Basically, a home spa system consists of an acrylic shell, surrounded by a wooden or synthetic material cabinet. A home spa can come in different versions depending upon the location of its installation: for example, above-ground home spa, in-ground home spa, indoor home spa and outdoor home spa (for example, on the patio or the deck). An aboveground home spa that comes in a pre-assembled form is also called a portable home spa.

In addition to the customary jets, a home spa will have in it molded seats, in the form of a bench, chairs or loungers, custom-made to a buyer’s specification. A home spa is similar to a swimming pool in the sense that the water stays in it even when not in use, making it necessary to install a filtering system and add chemicals like chlorine to it in order to maintain hygiene.

A special type of home spa that can be installed inside your bathroom in place of the regular bathtub is called the whirlpool bath. In this the water is drained out after every use and so there is no need of a filtering system or chemicals.

Keep Yourself Healthy and Beautiful

The use of broadband and with the world wide web, there is nothing you cannot buy or do on the internet, everything is now at your fingertips and this includes the huge health & beauty market that has now grown so big and has become hugely popular. Once upon a time you were only able to enjoy beauty treatments at your local salon or spa, whereas now with the online shopping store these treatments are only a click away. Never before have you been able to browse and look for the best treatments and products and be able to purchase them without leaving your home, they can be delivered to you with some companies wavering a delivery charge, this can only mean good news for today busy ladies, because most ladies now have a career or family to keep them busy. They no longer have the time or inclination to wander down to their local salon or spend a weekend at a local spar for all their pampering needs, now they can purchase them and have them in their own home which will save them so much time and so much money.

We must not forget the health & beauty needs of men because today modern men are now taking so much more interest in their own health & beauty regimes, it is widely publicized now that there are so many products on the market for men, there are beauty creams, hair products for the care of their hair and even hair dyes especially for men. It is now widely accepted that men have become more conscious of their looks, and you only have to look at any magazine today to see they are all promoting one celebrity or another for choosing a health product or beauty product or even a beauty treatment. Men are taking more care of their skin, they realize that taking good care of their skin will help them stay looking young, therefore when you visit an online shopping store you will be amazed at the huge range of products and treatments just for men.

Other products you will always find in an online shopping store is a massive amount of health care products, this is because living in today world with the frantic lifestyles that so many people live, now more than ever people are realizing they need to take care of their bodies, to stay healthy and maintain their health by making sure they take the right amount of vitamins, that they eat the best health foods and drink the healthiest drinks, and now it could not be any more simple than to take a look on the internet and purchase everything you need to keep your body healthy. There are no excuses, these purchases can be made within minutes and yet the benefits of eating and drinking healthier can last a lifetime which can only be good news, so the best advice would be to have a look on the internet and see what products could be beneficial to you.